T H E   B L O G:  Other Fabrications, founded on 29th March, 2013

T H E   M E A N I N G: Other Fabrications [uhth-er. fab-ri-key-shuh n].  
Finding new and innovate inventions, highlighting the 'new' within the 
world of fashion, art and design.

T H E   B L O G G E R: Justin Wong, a 16 year old student in Hong 
Kong. He aspires to be a fashion designer in the future and he is also 
addicted to photography. The cameras used for the blog are his Canon 
600D, Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon F5 film camera. He has also 
developed a great interest in the realms of Modern Art through his 
school work and design work. Sketching from time to time, he creates
fashion illustrations as well as designed two lines in his school fashion 
show, The Innovation.

*for any means of contact or sponsorship, please refer to the contact page
or directly email justin.otherfabrications@gmail.com

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